Hello. I'm Tuba Şenay. After 22 years of business life in the Information Technologies industry, I am now adding color to my life. Under the ArtyCord brand I founded in May 2018, I color our accessories, which have become an indispensable part of all of us. In this way, headphones, charging cables, spectacles, badges, etc. they are both personal and more durable and long lasting. Come on, add color to your life. Slope
Name Badge - Purple Gray Save 25%
Name Badge - Red Black Gray Save 25%
Name Badge - Coral Turquoise Save 25%
Rope Knitting Bracelet - B29 Save 17%
Yarn Knit Bracelet - B28 Save 17%
Name Badge - Black, Gray Save 25%
Name Badge - Sax Blue, Powder Save 25%
Yarn Knit Bracelet - B16 Save 35%
Yarn Knit Bracelet - B15 Save 35%
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