I worked in a corporate life for many years. "Vetroistanbul" was born earlier this year, starting from the idea that "I should now have time for myself and my family and decide my working hours myself."I look forward to wandering between my products to see my collection of jewelery that I designed and enjoyed with pleasure and made by myself.
Agate Thin Ring Save 20%
Agate Thick Ring Save 20%
Evil Eye Beaded Bracelet Save 20%
Shimmer Earring Save 20%
Angel Earrings Save 17%
Owl Silver Earring Save 17%
Silver Earring With Cat Save 17%
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Mandala Pattern Earrings Save 30%
Tree of Life Earrings Save 30%
Stars Necklace Save 20%
Spring flowers Save 30%
Modern Earrings Save 46%
Michael's Sword Necklace Save 20%
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