Cıtrıne And Rutıle Quartz


In the old days, people who were engaged in trade kept the citrine stone in their safe. The reason for this was that they believed that citrine stone blessed the money . For this reason, citrine stone has also been called the Merchant Stone .
  • In ancient times, it was used together with quartz stone in prayers for rain.
  • Citrine stone, which helps stimulate brain functions, also has an emotional balancing feature.
  • It helps to get rid of one's addictions and eliminates their extreme jealousy.
  • It collects, accumulates and activates positive energy around the person, and destroys negative energy and turns it into positive energy. Thus, the nerves are calmed.
  • The citrine stone attached to the neck protects you from the negative energy of other people.
  • Citrine stone helps the healthy functioning of the internal glands, especially the thyroid gland, while revitalizing the nerves and blood.
  • Radio, mobile phone, etc. collects radio emitted from devices and protects electronics from harmful magnetic effects such as interference.
  • Citrine stone attracts the abundance and abundance in the inner and outer world towards itself.
  • It helps to relieve severe headaches.
  • It eliminates the bad energy among family members and creates a sense of unity and solidarity.
  • Citrine stone, by removing the toxic substances in the body, allows the skin to breathe and gives the skin a feeling of freshness.
  • The body of those who carry citrine stone on their neck gains strength and vitality.
  • It regulates digestion and blood circulation and ensures healthy operation.
  • Citrine stone, a useful stone for many organs in the body; It is especially useful for the heart, kidney, colon lung and liver.
  • Citrine stone, which strengthens the immune system, protects the person against diseases.
  • It energizes the body and provides mental concentration.
  • Citrine stone, which is also healthy for the eye, gives the eagle vision and strength.
  • A person who carries citrine stone in his body increases his self-confidence and avoids self-harming behavior.
  • It eases the person by alleviating the emotional traumas the person is in.
  • It helps one get rid of bad thoughts by eliminating the symptoms of depression.
  • Citrine stone gives the person a sense of self-confidence and courage, while getting rid of his fears.
  • Citrine stone, which has antioxidant properties, helps to remove toxic substances from the body.
  • It helps in solving intestinal and stomach problems.
  • Citrine stone, which provides spiritual development, facilitates the connection with the spiritual realm, and cleans the aura.
  • Citrine stone activates massage oils and energizes the oil, speeding up the circulation. It also allows the oil to penetrate the skin better.
  • It removes cellulite and relieves contractions in the body.
  • It provides reduction of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.
  • It balances the hormones and relieves fatigue.
  • According to the nightmare in night sleep, citrine placed under the pillows before sleeping provides a comfortable and problem-free sleep.
  • It allows you to get rid of phobias and panic attack problems.
  • It is useful for people who have trouble falling asleep and sleep disorder.

Rutile Quartz It has an integrative energy for all kinds of energy. The energy of this stone, which is also known as angel hair, quartz with needles, seganite, is very high. It has intensive healing properties. It can be colorless or red brown.
  • It has a perfect balance of spiritually cosmic light. ...
  • Astral journey carry this stone, which cleans the aura and gives energy.
  • As with other quartz, it has the ability to attract negative energy.
  • It helps to overcome the negativities that prevent mental development.
  • It is a symbol of sexual power.
  • It is a stone that affects the joy of life.
Natural stones have been used as an alternative treatment method for centuries, they have the power to affect both spiritually and physically with their energizing properties due to the combination of many minerals and the evolutionary process of nature. In order to bring these energies together with you, we offer our original designers, who have style creating instruments, to your liking.
All of our designs are handcrafted, but the materials we use are first quality.
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