Gramophone Maxi Pendant - Lemon


Gramophone Maxi Pendant, which adds a bold contrast to the environment it is in, is one of the details you cannot get enough of while looking at the light in your room.
The 1.5m braid cable can be adjusted to your desired length and is suitable for any room, from low ceilings to high ceilings.

Mounting hooks and components are available in the box

Compatible with all E27 standard bulbs.

* The bulb is not included in the product. 30x30x20, 1kg Lamp Head: Ø: 31cm H: 18cm
Ceiling Mount Roza: Ø: 10cm H: 5cm
Cable Length: 1.5m
Materials: Outside Black, Inside Brass Painted Metal Lamp Head Brass Connections
Cable: 1.5m Black White Crowbar Braid Cable

Kitbox Design

KitBox Design was founded in 2016 by industrial designer Tuğçe Sönmez Evin in Istanbul.Kitbox Design aims to bring the with user, handmade products closer and designs beautiful and fun products.

All Kitbox products are made of a mixture of unique handmade parts made of natural materials and industrial parts.Each product comes out of the box with its own story or manual, and the user needs to take at least one action to complete this product.This can sometimes be assembled of a disassembled product with his own hands, sometimes following and folding the origami template, and sometimes adjusting the posture of the product as a detail of the product.For this reason, all products are designed with their packaging to give the end user a whole experience.

We think that every product has a story and these stories are complemented by the meanings we add to them.In what we have, we believe in feeling the traces of manual labor, the processing of material, and the idea of increasing their meaning by including them in our own hands.That's why all the products are designed for you and entered into a box. Everything you need is in this box!

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