Leaf Serieses Labradonite Stone And Glass Beads

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The leaf pattern on the pendant can be a different leaf pattern depending on the stock status. For your information ... It is detailed with a labradonite stone designed with a maroon glass bomb. It is also combined with a gold-plated tarnish leaf. Sand beads were used in between.
For long term use, keep away from water chemicals and perfume. The necklace length is 36 cm. There is a 6 cm extension chain.
Natural stones have been used as an alternative treatment method for centuries, they have the power to affect both spiritually and physically with their energizing properties due to the combination of many minerals and the evolutionary process of nature. In order to bring these energies together with you, we offer our original designers, who have style creating instruments, to your liking.
All of our designs are handcrafted, but the materials we use are first quality.
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