Presentation Tumbled Tattoo Tray

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A tray that makes a difference in your presentations with its minimalist design and tattoo workmanship. Material: laser-cut brass material on aging.
g: 18xu: 30 depth: 2.5 cm
Müge Kulak, founder, architect and industrial product designer of Parlaq Interiors; She believes that lighting is the most important complement to the value and spirit of the space. In the process of providing interior design service, this was the beginning of a new adventure with the difficulty of selecting the lighting and decorative objects, which was the last but most important for the project. It stands out with the promise of being able to be combined with each other for those who are looking for a difference in their designs or adding interesting details to the existing fiction. Objectives; To be a brand that people knock on their doors with pleasure while completing the place of their dreams, to share the joy of design with more people.
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