Tile Color Macrame Mirror


Bohemian mirror frame made of macro. It is made of round mirror and 100% high quality cotton thread. It can be used in the nursery. It adds a different dimension to every space in your home. It can be used alone or in pairs. Again, it can be considered as a backdrop on your special occasions. Length: 35-40cm Width: 35-40 cm

Random Design
I'm Tuğba. Reshaping and using all kinds of items that have expired me since my childhood made me more than happy to buy new items. This is how my knitting macrame entered my life. While the use of the bag that I knitted was very satisfying for me to weave paintings of rope on my walls, I became more and more happy as people became more interested. So I decided to start the "Random Design" family. I preferred to walk on this path in order to be happy and happy. I present my products that I designed with pleasure and care to your liking. Happy shopping ...
Yukarı Çık