Special Designs And Gifts For Sagittarius

With its joy, depth, being creative, philosophically high values, we have moved on to Sagittarius, the 9th sign of the Zodiac, of the Zodiac.

Sagittarius zodiac has a comfortable, soft and elegant line.Sagittarius zodiac woman in places she goes, she loves ethnic styles and accessories with stories.

In Miamano, where all designers have a story / motto; There are many alternative products for the spring bushing.

All you have to do is discover the Sagittarius Collection we have prepared for you!

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A Sagittarius zodiac  woman who is fond of her freedom and loves to push the limits, she loves ethnic styles and accessories with stories. Sagittarius, they love to use accessories.


                                                    Special Accessories for Sagittarius


The auspicious stones of Sagittarius include amethyst, topaz, agate, turquoise, sodalite and lapis lazuli.Eliminates feelings of amethyst incompatibility and fear.Topaz helps to eliminate feelings of pessimism and emotional breakage.It protects the agate person from fear and danger.Turquoise gives positive energy.Sodalite provides calm and strengthens the nervous system.Lapis lazuli helps to develop physical abilities.



For Sagittarius who likes to travel and see different cultures, different fun and original design bags and accessories can be the products for them.There is no color restriction in the wardrobe of Sagittarius zodiac who does not like restriction.But according to astrology, their auspicious colors are blue, turquoise, magenta and purple.


Sagittarius loves the sea, the sea evokes them freedom, so it falls in love with almost all shades of blue.The turquoise with auspicious color is an accessory in the sagittarius zodiac house.

Among the tissues that Sagittarius prefers to use most in the house are industrial materials.Sagittarius zodiac often uses materials such as tin, lead and platinum at home.

They have a corner filled with terrariums, cacti and live plants in house.



Sagittarius zodiac men; is a horoscope paying attention to physics and what they eat.They don't like to dress very conspicuously.But they take care to be clean and simple.They also like to travel like bow women and they like the sea and the blue color.



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