What is MiaMano ?

MiaMano, in Turkish, 'My Hand' will be a platform for designers in Turkey and all over the world to sell their original, authentic products both at domestic and abroad. MiaMano has a special page for every designer to talk about themselves, their stories, and promote their brand. MiaMano is an online platform where you will be inspired and enjoyable shopping experience while browsing the pages. Our project aims to develop different social projects together with selected designers.

Under different categories such as Home Decoration, Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories, Baby &Child, Life and Gift we will include original and not found everywhere products from many different designers. Not everyone wants to spend time finding or searching for beauty, but everyone wants to beauty. That's why MiaMano was born out of our pleasure in searching for beauty as a result of our willingness to share it with you.

How do I contact MiaMano ?

You can always contact us by email info@miamano.com or on weekdays between 09.00 and 18.00 at o'clock +90 216 599 03 01 phone number.

Which cargo companies do you work with?

We work with UPS to provide the best services for you.

How do I become a member of MiaMano ?

To become a member, simply click 'NEW MEMBER' in the upper left corner of our homepage to fill out the relevant fields on the opened page and press the 'CONTINUE' button. After completing this process, you can activate your account by going to your email and clicking on the link in the activation email we sent you.

I forget my password how can I change it ?

Click on the link "I forgot my password" in the board where the member is logged in, a new password will be sent to your e-mail address that you used to register for the site.

How can I pay for my orders in MiaMano ?

All credit cards are valid in MiaMano and installments are available. MiaMano does not proceed with cash on delivery option in some of the countries.

How can I track  my order?

The tracking code for your order will be sent to you by e-mail. You can track your shipment via the link sent to you.

Do you gift pack ?

You can add gift card and gift package for your orders , please put a note at the cart page when you completing your order.

How are the shipping times for the products determined?

Shipping times are determined according to the shipping dates of designers or brands' products. At MiaMano, we try to offer you unique products that you won't find everywhere. Since many of our products are handmade and not mass-produced, the time it is delivered to each product can be different. You can see when the product of your choice will be shipped before ordering the product. A cargo delivery time will be added to this.

What is 3D Secure ?

3D Secure is a technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard to further secure CNP (Card-holder Not Present) transactions over the Internet.

MasterCard brands their system as 'MasterCard SecureCode' and Visa call theirs 'Visa Secure'. 3D Secure protects a buyer's credit card against unauthorised use when shopping online. 

How can use my gift card ?

You can check out your gift cards in the "My Gift Coupon" section on your member page by logging into MiaMano with your password.You can use the codes for your gift card for your purchases by typing them into the relevant section on the payment page.

How can I get information about my orders?

You can follow up with information about your orders by logging into the site with your MiaMano account. If you have any questions, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to info@miamano.com

The product I bought turned out to be damaged / defective. What should I do?

All products we offer at MiaMano undergo damage control while being packaged by our designers for delivery. Therefore, damaged shipping of our products is prevented. However, damage may occur due to problems that may occur during transportation in sensitive products. When your order is delivered to your address by the cargo attendant, always check the damage on the external package before receiving the product and return the product to the UPS attendant who arrives at your door by preparing a "Due Diligence Record" at the time of any damage can.

The incoming products are not the same as my order. What should I do?

In these cases, you can notify us by not disapproval of your email to give your consent to the product we send you. Thus, the product is exchanged or refunded easily.

How safe is it to give up my credit card details?

MiaMano uses the latest technologies and the best service providers for your security when making credit card purchases.We are currently encrypting your credit card information with high-tech use (SHA 256 & RSA 2048), which is considered the best standard in the world.

Every page where you enter your personal information has a key mark next to your browser's address area (near the space that says MiaMano.com).This key is a sign that no information you send with your browser will be visible to third parties.In addition, high security standards apply to all purchases made on our site.With Rapid SSL Security Certificate, McAfee Secure/PCI Compliance and 3D Secure services, you can shop freely on our site without risking your security.

How can I change or cancel my order?

You can email info@miamano.com to cancel your orders. For delivered products, you can contact MiaMano by info@miamano.com and complete the exchange process within the 14-day exchange period.

How can I sell my products in MiaMano?

If you would like to join the miaMano designers, you can check the Join the Designers page on our website, send us your information using the form on the page, or send us an e-mail to info@miamano.com.We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

 How does MiaMano work with Designers?

MiaMano is not just a sales platform, we aim to grow by growing you and your brand while making it easier for consumers to find and select original products. Here, we try to hold the hands of brave people who do different things with the dough of his hand. While trying to bring you together with the beauties produced by those skilled hands, we try to support those hands. Our designers can open their own online shop at MiaMano and manage them as they wish. We aim to be a big family with our designers and realize different social projects.

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