Not everyone wants to spend time finding or searching for beauty, but everyone wants own beautiful products. That's why MiaMano was born out of our pleasure in searching for authentic, unique products, made with love as a result MiaMano is born. We believe that everything done by hand is beautiful and special.

From jewellery makers and engravers, meet the creative entrepreneurs bringing unique, thoughtful gifts to you.

Our "Mano"festo ...

  • At MiaManoshop there will be no sale of products that you want to see from one angle on the Internet and try to revive the rest, but there will be products made with love..
  • There will be no similar product sold in the bazaar or in the shopping malls..
  • Here in a small town, on the other side of the world or in a room of the house, you will find unique and necessarily loving things made, which you love..
  • Here you will find products that we buy and like first..
  • Here we try to hold the hands of the brave people who dare to follow their dreams and inspirations, and make lovable products. While trying to bring you together with the beauties produced by those skilled hands, we also try to support those hands..
  • This site will feature ever-changing themes and always new discoveries..

That’s why we’re home to Turkey’s best small creative businesses that we’re proud to call our Designers, here to do what they do best and create thoughtful gifts, original homeware, unforgettable experiences and more...Rest is in your hands, come and discover MiaManoshop ...

Yukarı Çık