Doors Earrings

These earrings, which are placed around the ear by wrapping the earlobe, are 925 sterling silver. This geometry, designed by inspiring from the impressive decoration of the Seljuk civilization, symbolizes the different doors that can be opened in life. I completed the earring, as seen in the photo, with an anti-allergic special alloy pin (back).
Width: 2.5cm
height: 1.7cm
longest part: 2.2cm
Silver color The right of withdrawal is not valid for earring group products in terms of health and hygiene, return requests are not accepted.
Born in 1960, Hülya Öz completed her architectural education at ITU. She practiced as a practicing architect for nearly 30 years. While studying material research and various application techniques in architecture, she also took loyalty lessons from his teacher Serdar Şeremet to the extent allowed by her professional activities. Over the years she has continued to learn traditional and modern jewelry manufacturing techniques. The architect, who had an appreciation especially for anatolian Seljuk civilization, made frequent research trips to Anatolia and the regions that contained traces of Seljuk civilizations simultaneously.She was very impressed by the historical architectural structures and decoration culture he encountered.

In 2014, she decided to brand her designs within ZOYA Istanbul. In her first collection, the wise ancestors of the Turks used the richness of forms in the structures and decoration of the Seljuks as a source of inspiration and called his collection the Geometry of the Universe. She reconciled and reinterpreted the geometrical compositions she observed in the structures of the period with the concepts of flow, balance, harmony, totality, and independence she observed in life. In this first collection, Öz used minerals and enamel, from which she could repeat silver and tile colors. Thus, the designs inspired by this symbolic geometry found form in jewelry that would fit the daily rhythm of modern urban women.

Öz continues to produce sculptures and jewelry in her own studio while developing manual production techniques.
Yukarı Çık