Yoga Tasarım Block Sweat-shirt t

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Model: BLOCK
-Colour Block Sweat-shirt t
-The model length is in the town.
- 100% Cotton
-Model height: 172cm weight: size over 62kg size M.
-Soft slim, stylish sweat-shirt t

About Suluboya Design

It prints using ecological paints in watercolor design products. None of our products use chemical substances containing Azo Group (carcinogenic substance).


All our products can be washed at low speed with a gentle wash at 30 degrees. The product should be washed by turning it upside down.

Sensitive washing should be done by selecting detergent that will not bleach liquid.

Not suitable for the dryer.

Ironing should be done in reverse.


We set off as two women entrepreneurs. Our goal is to make people feel special with boutique design products. Suluboyadesign brand was established in 2007. At the beginning, while hand-painted personalized products are being prepared, it has been operating since the beginning of 2017 with a wider range of products using only digital printing techniques. All designs are created by hand drawing first and then transferred to digital media and printed on the product. We are still preparing customized drawings and printing on our desired product.

Suluboyadesign prints using ecological dyes in its products. None of our products contain Azo Group (Carcinogenic Substances).

All our products can be washed easily at low speed with precise washing at 30 degrees.


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