Protective Talisman Turquoise And Coral Necklace

Turquoise stone;
Also known as turquoise stone. It has the effect of keeping the person young and fit. It improves mental and logic power. It has a peaceful effect.
It is a stone of loyalty and friendship. It provides protection against evil eye. Especially with coral stone, it creates a protective talisman against evil eye. It is believed that those who use Turquoise stone will not experience poverty.
Coral stone;
It protects against the evil eye. It provides a focus on purpose. It increases stability. It is good for all skin diseases, especially psoriasis. Makes the mind up to date. Give me agility.
Do not take your protective talisman with you.
It is made private. It has an adjustable size. It is suitable for all sizes.
Natural stones have been used as an alternative treatment method for centuries, they have the power to affect both spiritually and physically with their energizing properties due to the combination of many minerals and the evolutionary process of nature. In order to bring these energies together with you, we offer our original designers, who have style creating instruments, to your liking.
All of our designs are handcrafted, but the materials we use are first quality.
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